All-you-can-drink course filled with Hokkaido's delicacies that is also good for business entertainment in Honmachi

I am the PR person for Hokkaido Kaisen Nihonichi Honmachi Store.

It is almost time to miss the sea and mountains, how is everyone doing?

At our restaurant, you can enjoy various tastes of Hokkaido while staying in Osaka!
Enjoy fresh ingredients shipped directly from Hokkaido.

A course meal filled with the flavors of Hokkaido that is sure to please even the most discerning of diners.

~Please eat up all of Hokkaido's prized delicacies! ~Hokkaido

This time, you can enjoy a variety of Hokkaido's "Delicious! and enjoy a variety of Hokkaido's "Delicious!
Introducing the "7,000 yen (tax included) Course!
Brand-name raw oysters directly from the fishing port of Atsukishi in Hokkaido, and grilled extra-large striped hokke with enough fat to satisfy your appetite,
And when you think of Hokkaido, you think of crab! The menu includes such delicacies as tempura of snow crab and the famous "crab bukkake dashimaki tamago" (rolled egg with broth),
We have prepared an 8-course menu that includes some of Hokkaido's most prized delicacies.
This course includes 2 hours of all-you-can-drink, so it is also suitable for entertaining guests.
We hope you will have a delicious and enjoyable time at our restaurant!


~Meat dishes are also available.

Fresh seafood directly from Hokkaido that you can enjoy at our restaurant.
You can taste a variety of seafood such as crab, salmon roe, hokke, and raw oysters,
A wide variety of hearty meat dishes are also available.
Our recommendation is a gem using "Kitajima Mugi Pork" from Yoichi, Hokkaido!
The menu features Kitajima Mugi Pork, a brand of pork raised with great care in an environmentally friendly manner and with special attention to feed and water,
Kitajima barley pork seared and grilled, Kitajima barley pork cutlet, deep-fried Kitajima barley pork belly cartilage, Kitajima barley pork tenderloin stew, and more!
We offer the perfect accompaniment to alcoholic beverages.
Please enjoy not only seafood but also meat dishes!


2-minute walk from Hommachi Station on the Midosuji Line.
Hokkaido Kaisen Nihonichi Honmachi Store] where you can taste the freshest ingredients from Hokkaido.
We also offer course meals that are perfect for business entertainment and dinners.
The entire staff looks forward to serving you.


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Hokkaido Kaisen Nihonichi Honmachi [Izakaya / Private room / Banquet]
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Hokkaido Kaisen Nihonichi Honmachi [Izakaya / Private room / Banquet]
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3-4-5 Azuchi-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
2 minutes walk from Subway Midosuji Line Hommachi station.
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17:00 - 0:00 the next day
(Food L.O. 23:30, Drinks L.O. 23:30)
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Year-end and New Year holidays are available.
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Cash: acceptable 
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